Jerome Knappett


Born in 1991 he had a long and extravagant life before he was shot dead June 16th 2031 in an armed robbery attempt gone sour. His killer and best friend, Kurt Barrington was sentenced to 12 years but got off with good behavior after 10.

Kurt was a quiet man, his neighbors never had any trouble from him, but it was clear even from a young age he was a cold blooded killer. From the age of 12 he started killing and torturing small animals such as rabbits and possums. His mother, a sexually abused alcoholic had no time for her disturbed child so he was left alone the majority of the day. Kurt met Jerome with his tie stuck in a car door outside a comic book store he had just been fired from. They hit it off immediately.

The pair would often be seen stealing hub caps in parking alleys after a night on the town. But they knew the real money was in armed robbery. The two friends pulled off minor Seven Eleven jobs once in a while and became financially secure enough to open a small chain of souvenir stands along the great ocean road. Until one day whilst holding up a petrol station, Kurt lost it and beat and killed Sam Hemmingway, an accountant from Perth.

Jerome and Kurt argued over the body which gave the cashier time to reach for a weapon under the counter. Kurt saw this and took aim, however Jerome wanted no more blood on his hands so in an attempt to stop Kurt, jumped in his way. However Kurt did not hesitate to shoot and Jerome took the blast himself.

With his final breath Jerome whispered something to Kurt, what he said we will never know as Kurt has decided to take this to his grave. Kurt Barrington took his own life October 22nd2045.